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Bias Tee


The Bias-Tee is the new bias power inserter designed by SVP Aerospace.

This element is very useful to give power supply to an equipment connected to the other end of the coaxial cable, such as an LNA or a down-converter.

This equipment is protected from short-circuits, this means that it’s an autoreseteable fuse.


Frequency Range from 10 to 6,000 MHz
Insertion Loss 0.6 dB @ 2,000 MHz
0.6 dB @ 4,000 MHz
0.8 dB @ 6,000 MHz
Isolation 30 dB
Max. RF Power
1 W
Current Rating
3 A max.
Supply Voltage Range from 10 to +30 VDC
DC input connector LEMO 1B of 4 pins
RF&DC connector N female, 50 Ohms
RF connector N male, 50 Ohms
Size Width: 50 mm
Height: 30 mm (without connectors)
Depth: 22 mm

*Note : Male connector is not included