ANTENNAS / Sector Flat Panel

Sector 6 GHz 16 dBi


The AS-616 is a sector antenna with linear polarization and with a narrow beamwidth in elevation and in azimuth, with a high gain of 16 dBi.

This antenna has been designed to be installed in the mast and it is used for the reception of links where the transmitter can transmit from different points of a determinate area.

An interesting application is to use the antenna in reception, working in diversity and offering coverage to a city or determinate area.


AS-616 Antenna

Frequency band 6.28 to 6.9 GHz
Polarization Linear (Vertical)
Gain 16 dBi
Connector N female
Elevation B/W
Azimuth B/W
Nominal Impedance  50 Ohm
F/B Ratio >25 dB
VSWR >1.5  dB
Mount Stainless steel bracket and U bolts