ANTENNAS / Helix & Yagi Antennas

Helix Antenna 2 GHz 18.3 dBiC

AH -218

The AH-218 is a circular polarization helix antenna. It has a directional radiation pattern and an invariable gain along its frequency range.

The most common application is the reception from ENG links, where the circular polarization allows the reduction of the multipath effect. Besides, it is also used in point-to-point links, where the distance to cover is not very long. These are compact and lightweight antennas, with a beamwidth which allows an easy steering of the antenna.


AH-218 Antenna

2.0 to 2.7 GHz
Bandwidth 700 MHz
Gain 18.3 dBi*
-3dB radiation pattern 25º V, 25ºH
Polarization RH Circular
VSWR            Typ <1.2
Connector N female
Size Ø 55 mm; length: 580 mm

* For other frequency band or antenna gain, please contact with SVP: