ANTENNAS / Directional Flat Panel

Narrow Beam Dual Pol Panel 3 GHz 17 dBi


The ADD-317 is a dual polarization antenna, especially useful when the transmission of two simultaneous signals has to be carried out.

This antenna has a narrow radiation pattern, high gain and it works in 3 GHz band. It can be fixed in a tube or directly to the RF head of SVP’s portable links. The ADD-317 antenna is especially interesting in 1+1 configurations.

Narrow beamwidth flat panel antennas can be used as an alternative to parabolic antennas, when the weight, the size or the resistance to the wind are important.


ADD-317 Antenna

Frequency band 3.5 GHz*
Bandwidth 300 MHz
Gain 17 dBi
Radiation pattern 18ºH, 18ºV
Polarization Double (Vertical or horizontal)
VSWR Typ < 1.5
Connector 2 x SMA female
Size 305 x 305 x 25 mm

* For other frequency bands, please contact SVP: