ANTENNAS / Directional Flat Panel

Narrow Beam Panel 3 GHz 24 dBi


The AD-324 antenna is a linear polarization, narrow beamwidth antenna, which works in 3 GHz band. This antenna can be fixed in a tube or directly to the RF head of SVP’s portable links.

This antenna is commonly used in long distance, as point to point or point to central receiver site links.

Narrow beamwidth flat panel antennas can be used as an alternative to parabolic antennas when the weight, the size or the resistance to the wind are important.


AD-324 Antenna

Frequency band 3.5 GHz*
Bandwidth 500 MHz
Gain 24 dBi
Radiation pattern 8ºH, 8ºV
Polarization Linear
VSWR Typ <1.5
Connector N female
Size 600 x 600x 52 mm

* For other frequency bands, please contact SVP: