The company FixView, the only manufacturer in Latin America of gyrostabilized systems for surveillance, now adds SVP Broadcast Microwave high-quality video transmission for aircraft. 

In this way, the possibility of transmitting this information over long distances in real time is added to the ability to obtain images and information that the multisensor turret FV-300 already has.

On Wednesday, July 31, together with the company Aaxod Air Services, a demonstration of the capabilities of this system, achieving a full HD link without any cut. It was a flight demonstration transmitting real-time images to ground from a Robinson 44 helicopter.

The helicopter took off from the La Mezquita airfield and, using the Mano portable receiver, the image obtained by the FV-300 turret could be captured from the ground at a distance of 60 Km without any cut. Likewise, with the larger receiver, full HD video images were received without cuts up to a distance of 95 Km, thus reaching the Nuclear Power Plant of Embalse, in Río Tercero. It is important to note that, due to the autonomy of the helicopter, a greater distance was not reached during the demonstration.